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Shift Sharer

Shift Sharer is a social networking tool that operates at a practical level to help family and friends get together.

  • Shift Sharer is all about busy people sharing calendars.
  • Shift workers, shared custody parents and regular travellers always know what they are doing – it’s their family and friends that don’t!
  • Shift Sharer provides an instant and simple way to view a basic version of all of your friends calendars on one screen.

Available on the App Store Available on the Android Market

Create Shift

  • Enter text to be displayed
  • Start time
  • End time
  • Color

Edit Shifts/Events

  • Apple – double tap created shift/event
  • Android – Hold down selection

Create Repeating Shift Pattern (shift rotation)

  • First enter your full rotation
  • Select start date
  • Select end date
  • Select repeat/create

Email Friends

  • Open friends screen
  • Tap friends name
  • Send email from shift sharer


  • Tap text field to manually enter email address or tap icon to search your phone directory.
  • Enter your friends name.
  • Select Share.


(Pages scrolls up/down).
  • Tap ADD button to create a shift.
  • To enter information on the calendar tap created shift and then tap date to add the information.
  • (Hold down selection to edit/delete both created shifts and shifts added to calendar).

Sync to external Calendar.

  • Shift sharer will send you instructions.On setting up syncing to your private.Calendar, eg Google Calendar.


  • Scroll calendar up/down and forward/back.
  • Tap on friends name to open ‘contact friend’ menu.
  • Select hidden friends to modify individual friends settings.

Its time to Socialise!

Available on the App Store Available on the Android Market